BeeHive helps you find real time occupancy data

  • Check real time occupancy and best to go
  • View statistics about a location
  • Optimize your time and organize your activities
  • Contribute to the community to make it better


Real time data

Continuously fetching to provide accurate real time occupany data

Occupany statistics

Weekly and daily statistics for every location.

Community based

Contribute your feeling about queue length and waiting time.

Time optimization

Orangize your activities and optimize your time!

How it works

See how BeeHive works and how it can optimize your time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the occupancy data collected?

We use Cisco technology to get real-time connection number of each access point for a location. Then, we use our well defined model to estimate the number of people.

How is the best time to go calculated?

The best time to go indicates the period when there are fewer people within the next two hours. It is based on the historical statistics for each location.

How is the queue line estimated?

The real-time queue line estimate is a fully user-based information. Therefore, we encourage you to give feedbacks in order to help the community.

Is this application limited to Georgia Tech Campus?

For now, yes. However, our solution is applicable to every location where waiting in queue line could happen. Adding new locations and new features are left for future development.

Why BeeHive?

Because it helps you to be at the right place at the right moment !

How can BeeHive benefit businesses?

Our solution can help you promote your business, smooth rush hours and attract people during off-peak periods.

Who are the French Fries?

We are 5 Georgia Tech MS ECE students coming from France.

Why French Fries?

Because it's fun ! :D.

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Story behind the app

The Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) at Georgia Institute of Technology is an annual event produced by GT-RNOC and the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT). This unique competition is open to all Georgia Tech students and is run throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Each year the categories in the CIC are defined by our Industry partners who provide mentorship, judging, and category specific resources which are often available exclusively to CIC competitors. The overarching goal of the CIC is to create innovative and viable products and experiences including a strong user experience and a business case.

In Spring 2014, we decided to participate in this competition. Our idea comes from one simple observation: students are overwhelmed by homeworks and activities, and time is precious. Wasting time in queue line is definitely not the relevant thing to do. Then the project is launched !

French Fries

What do people think?

Beehive is a great idea! It really makes me save a lot of time. Thank guys!

Hadrien MS ECE

I find the idea amazing! I really would like to stop spending time waiting in long lines... Go ahead!

Violette MS ECE

I find BeeHive app very useful!

Sam Harvey ID student

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